Nalle Laanela

Awards of Distinction
Winner of Kändisbarnvakten (Celebrity Babysitter), SVT 2016
Honorary Chairman, Clowns Without Borders 2008 -
Nominated for Kunskapspriset (Knowledge Award) in 2005 and 2006
SvD Vardagshjälte (Everyday Hero) 2001
Originality Award, Eastbourne Magic Conference 1998


Master of Comedy
Member of Swedish Magic Circle since 2009
Certified Stage Pyrotechnician.
Welding MMA Certificate.
Driving licenses A, BE, and C (motorcycle, car with heavy trailer and heavy truck)


Swedish, English, body language and really bad French.

Published Work

The Clown Manifesto, Oberon Publishing, 2015
(translated to Italien) Il Manifesto del Clown, Funambolo Edizioni, 2016


Uanga Timera / My Body, Social circus, Greenland, 2019
Juulimaaq, National Theatre of Greenland, 2018
Caroline Ravn - Where the Magic Happens, 2018
Carlotta Risitano, comedy tight wire act, 2018
Att Flyga med Rasmus Wurm, 2018
Juulimaaq, National Theatre of Greenland, 2017
Party Animals, student performance, DOCH University of Dance and Circus, 2017
Viktors Vidunderliga Värld, Nordcirkus, 2017
Dozzie - Sveriges längsta trollkarl, 2017 + 2018
Circus Arts AB,  Artistic Director and Chairman of the Board 2006 - 2016
Lukas and Aaron, teeterboard act, 2016
Floare,   Regionteater Väst, 2015
Skeletons, Weiner Klassenzimmer Theater, Vienna 2015
Toqqortat,  National Theater of Greenland, 2014
Vadå, En queer tolkning av ”I väntan på Godot” i en framtid utan träd, Cirkus Saga, Malmö 2014
Inferno with magician Joe Labero - Hamburgerbörsen and the tour of Sweden, 2014 – Circus Director
Kassassuk, clown show for children about incest, National Theater of Greenland, 2010 – Clown Director
Waiting for Godot, Stockholm Stadsteater, 2009 - Clown Director
Urkult Festival, Opening Ceremony 2007, 2008 and 2017
Three Men and a Toaster, Byteatern in Kalmar, 2006 - Variety show Director
Brott, student performance, Cirkuspiloterna, 2005
KRT'N  (Cartoon), student performance, Cirkuspiloterna, 2003
DENK, circus performance, performed for all schoolchildren in Nacka Municipality, 2000
Cirque Progg, circus performance in collaboration with 40 young people from Klubb Kult, 1998
Mozart, prize-winning magic show at the Eastbourne Magic Conferance, 1998

Nalle Katastrof "Rätt Rätt Fel" 6 shows, 2021
Nalle Clown "Fjärilar i magen" 170 shows, 2021
Nalle Clown "Fjärilar i magen" 78 shows, 2020
Vinterdirektör, Birka Cruise Julbord, 2019
Nalle Clown "Fjärilar i magen" 74 shows, 2019
Inferno - Åhaga Christmas Dinner Show, Borås, 2018
Nalle Clown "Fjärilar i magen" 27 shows, 2018
Popo & Nalle Clown "Boss Boss", India, Sweden, 2018
Nalle Clown "Butterfly", Sweden, Greenland, 2018
Burnt Out Punks – pyrotechnical punk circus - Compere
Denmark, England, Holland, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany, 2005 – 2017
Nalle the Great – solo burlesque dinner variety show, 26 shows, Magic Bar, 2015 - Magician
Moulin Noir - burlesque dinner variety show - Compere
Metropol Palais, Globen, Subtopia, Hamburger Börs, Blåa Hallen, 2005 - 2015
Flugo / Drömställe - a clown tragedy - Clown
Tour of Sweden, Austria, Germany, Faroe Islands 2013 - 2016
Circus Arts AB – event compere and event artist, 2006 - 2016
Clown Nalle Blue - Dieselverkstan, Hoodsfred festivalen, UNHCR, Stockholmsfestivalen, Subtopia, SIDAkultur, Fittja Förfest, Porsgrunn Teaterfestival i Norge, Wiks Slott, Urkult, Skansen, TV Riksgalan. Kista Gallerian, Junibacken, Unicef, Pride festivalen, Världens Barn galan, Gröna Lundsteatern, Quebec 400e Anniversary, 2003 - 2010
Nomad 2 – info circus about Palestine, school tour in Sweden, 2006
Nomad – info circus about Western Sahara - school tour in Sweden, 2005
Who is Santa Claus? - Family show with songs and animated film - Siggesta Farm, Gröna Lund Theatre, 2003 - 2004
Bärzärk - contempory circus  about modern vikings, 2003
Comedy of War - contempory circus show about xenophobia and human rights in cooperation with the Red Cross and the Clowns without Borders - Sweden, school tour in Sweden, 1999-2001
Sagocirkus - street circus based on John Bauer's paintings - director and performer - Europe tour 1997
Enea och Mojängarna – childrens theater, actor, Avalon Theatre, Stockholm, 1994
Jesus Christ Superstar - Caiaphus and Assistant Director - Ferndale, California, 1993
Al and Stinky Street Show - street performer - Pier 39, San Francisco, California. 1993
The Tunnel of Per Lagerkvist - actor - Simon Fraser University Theater, Vancouver BC, 1991
Crescendo - physical theater - actor - Stockholm, 1988 - 1990

Film and TV
2020 Nalle och den Sociala Katastrofen, 10 episodes, UR Utbildningsradion
2019 Pick a Colour, 8 karaoke shorts, UR Utbildningsradion
2018 Pick a Colour season 2, 10 episodes, UR Utbildningsradion
2016 Winner of Kändisbarnvakten (Celebrity Babysitter), SVT
2015 Pick a Colour, 10 episodes, UR Utbildningsradion
2008 Lögner att älska , Actor
2006 House of Hell - TV3 - character improviser

Clown Professor
Assistant Professor of Clown, DOCH University of Dance and Circus 2009 - 2019
Clown Teacher - Greenland National School of Theatre 2018
Clown Teacher - Greenland National School of Theatre, 2016
Clown Teacher, Masters Program "Svarta Speglar" STDH, 2016 + 2018
Clown Teacher, Cultured Mongrol Dance Theatre, Glasgow, 2016
Clown Teacher - Circo Vertigo, Italy, 2014
Assistant Professor of Clown,  Master program, Theatre Academy in Stockholm, 2011- 2012
Clown Teacher - Greenland National School of Theater, 2012
Head Teacher, "A Year of Physical Comedy" - Vårdinge Folk High School, 2009-2010
Stage Performance Teacher - Jämtlands Vinterakrobatikgymnasium, Nycirkuslinjen, Danshögskolan, Balettakademin, Ölands folkhögskola, PowWow i Halmstad, 2005 – 2009
Clown Teacher- Internationellt Utblick summer course with DI, Nycirkuslinjen, Danshögskolan and Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm, 2005 – 2008
Lecturer - "Cultural Development" and "Laughter as Aid" - Danshögskolan, Stockholms Universitet, Sigtuna FHSK, Zenit i Malmö, TBV, Dieselverkstan, Bokmässan i Göteborg, UNITA i Bukarest samt riksturné för Svenska Kyrkan, 2004 – 2008
Laughter Consultant - Humour Wagon project at Växjö hospital.
1998 - 2000
Circus Teacher - Responsible for the Circus Cirkör circus schools. Continuous touring the Stockholm schools and summer tour of the Folkets Park, 1998
Clown Teacher - Cirkusgymnasiet i Ystad, Cirkuspiloterna, Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm, Teaterlinjen på Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium, Cirkus Cirkör, Dramapedagogutbildning i Oslo, Teater Avalon, Frans Schartaus Gymnasium, Cirkusringarna i Varberg, Cirkelteatern, Petruliumbolaget, Teaterlinjen på MittHögskolan, Cirkuspiloterna 1996 - 2005
Personal Assistant - for young people with cerebral palsy in "Community Living Society", Vancouver, BC, 1991
Cleaner - Dramaten, Stockholm, 1989 -1990
Volunteer work
Founder of Clowns without Borders – Sweden, a sister organization to the international organization Payassos sin Fronteras. 1996
2019-2022 Member of Artistic Council, CwB- Sweden
Clown and tour manager for the Clowns without Borders - Sweden
2018 India
2016 Bhutan and India
2015 Jordan
2014 Philippines
2012 Rwanda
2011 Myanmar, Moldova
2010 Myanmar, Romania
2009 Moldova
2005 -2008 - Clown Nose Day - Festival General - Gröna Lund, Kungsträdgården and Skansen
2007 Lebanon, street children in South Africa
 2007 Street children in South Africa (through Circus Cirkör)
2006 Palestine
2005 Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and childrens prisons in St. Petersburg
2004 West Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria, Romania,
2003 Chiapas, Mexico, Estonia and Nepal
2000 India and Nepal
1999 Macedonia
1998 Estonia, Bosnia and Republic Srbska
1998 Circus School Teacher – refugee centers in Sweden
1998 Hospital Clown - Kaiser Hospital San Franscisco, USA
1997 Bosnia and Republic Srbska
1996 Estonia and Sarajevo
1990 -1991 Front of House Manager - Vancouver Fringe Festival
1990 - 1991 Dance and Theater Critic - The Peak, SFU student newspaper
2020 Clown Studies Course: History, Theory and Analysis of Clown, London
2016 Leadership for Cultural Organisations, STDH
2014 Certified Stage pyrotechnician, Stagevision
2014 Magic 1, Magic training, DOCH
2010 Greenland Mask Dance, Silamiut Theater, Nuuk, Greenland
2000 Clown through Mask with Sue Morrison
1997 - 1998 Cirkuspiloterna, diploma as Circus Director. Stockholm
1995 - 1996 Ecole International de Jacques LeCoq, Paris
1992 - 1993 Dell'arte School of Physical Theatre, California, main clown teacher Avner the Eccentric
1991 - 1992 Dance, contact and movement improvisation at Simon Fraser University and EDAM (Experimental Dance and Music), Vancouver
1992 clown workshop with Gina Bastoni
1992 Contact improvisation workshop with Nancy Stark Smith
1991 Mask manufacturing with Christopher Carey
1990 Vocal training, Roy Hart Theatre School, France
1988 - 1990 Theater program at Södra Latins Gymnasium, Stockholm